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Last updated: November 24, 2023

Ready to pen the ultimate letter to Santa this Christmas? You're definitely in for a treat! We're spreading yuletide joy like Santa spreads gifts with our bundle of festive free printable letters to Santa! Whether you're looking for a fill-in-the-blanks Santa letter template for the little ones or a beautifully designed "Dear Santa" letterhead to compose your own message, there are lots of festive Santa letter freebies below! 🎅📜

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Writing a letter to Santa is more than just a fun holiday tradition; it's a wondrous activity that sparks imagination and creativity in every child. Picture this: a young writer, cocoa in hand, drafting a heartfelt note to Santa on a snowy evening - can it get any more Christmassy than that? 🍵❄️

But hey, let's not forget about the educational perks! This is a fantastic way to encourage your little ones to practice their writing skills and get those spelling muscles flexing. You know what they say, the pen is mightier than the sword - even if that sword is a candy cane! 🖊️🍭

To make this experience even more memorable, we've created a variety of free printable letter to Santa templates just for you. Whether your child wants to fill in the blanks or pen an original letter on holiday-themed paper, we've got you covered. And for our budding artists out there, we've even got templates featuring Santa, reindeer, elves, and more, all waiting to be brought to life with a splash of color! 🎨🎁

So, go ahead, scroll down and take your pick! Download, print, and let the magic of the holiday season flow through your pens and pencils. May your letters be merry and your wishes come true! 🌟

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Santa Letter Templates | How to Send a Letter to Santa

And once you've found the perfect letter to Santa printable, take a look at our free Letter from Santa kits, with matching envelopes.

Free Printable Letter to Santa Templates

In this section, you can scroll down to view all our free Santa letter variations. Each free Santa letter printable is a high-resolution letter-sized PDF. To download, click on the image or text link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

How to Send a Letter to Santa

High-fives all around - you've written a magical letter to Santa! 🌟 Now, let's make sure it zooms all the way to the North Pole, shall we? Many postal services have special Santa addresses, making it easy-peasy to send your festive message. Keep your eyes peeled - you might even find a reply from Santa tucked among your holiday cards! 📬🎁

Below you can find the instructions for how to send your letter to Santa if you live in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Need instructions for another country? Simply search your country's mail service website to find out if they offer a "Santa Post" service.

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Oops, Missed the Mailing Date? So you missed the sleigh? Don't fret! We've got a magical solution just for you. Use one of our free Letter From Santa Templates to whip up a custom reply from Santa himself! Simply download, print, and watch your child's eyes light up like a Christmas tree. 🎄✨

United States Postal Service

For children in the United States of America, you can send a letter to Santa via USPS, and have your reply sent back with a postmark from the North Pole.

How it works:

  1. Have your child write a letter to Santa.
  2. Write a personalized response to your child's letter and sign it "From Santa".
  3. Insert both letters into an envelope and address it to your child.
  4. Add the return address to the top left corner of the envelope:
  5. Ensure a first-class mail stamp is affixed to top right corner of the envelope.
  6. Place the complete envelope into a larger envelope (with appropriate postage) and address it to the postmaster:
    4141 POSTMARK DR
    ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Your child will receive your letter of reply from Santa posted to them with a North Pole Postmark.

For further details on how to send a letter to Santa via USPS check out the article on Greetings from the North Pole Post Office - USPS.

Canada Post / Postes Canada

For children in Canada, you can send a letter to Santa via Canada Post.

Address your envelope to:
Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

It's free to send your letter to Santa, no postage stamps are required. But don't forget to include your full name and address in your letter, otherwise Santa won't know where to send his reply!

For further details on how to send a letter to Santa in Canada, check out the article on Write a Letter to Santa - Canada Post. And you can find information for teachers here.

Royal Mail UK

For children in the United Kingdom, you can send a letter to Santa via Royal Mail.

Address your envelope to:
Santa/Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto

To receive a reply from Father Christmas, you need to put a stamp on the envelope so it gets to Santa. And don't forget to include your full name and address in your letter, otherwise Santa won't know where to send his reply!

For further details on how to send a letter to Santa in the UK, including if you'd like your response in Welsh, and information for teachers, check out the article on Letters to Santa - Royal Mail.

Australia Post

For children in Australia, you can send a letter to Santa via Australia Post.

Address your envelope to:

To receive a reply from Santa, you need to attach a Christmas card-only stamp on the front of the envelope. And don't forget to write your name and address on the back of your envelope, otherwise Santa won't know where to send his reply!

For further details on how to send a letter to Santa in Australia, including large text replies for vision-impaired children, and information for teachers, check out the article on Santa Mail - Australia Post.

Free Printable Letter From Santa Templates

If your country doesn't do Santa mail, or you need a reply in a hurry, don't panic! You can use one of our free printable Letter From Santa Templates to write a reply! With our customizable Santa letter template, getting started couldn't be simpler! Just type your child's name into the form, and you'll get a downloadable PDF ready to print. Your very own letter from Santa will be in your hands faster than you can say "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!"

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Free Printable Christmas Wish List Templates

Step into a world of festive magic with our collection of free printable Christmas wish list templates! Whether you're a kid eagerly awaiting Santa's visit or a teen with a dream list, our templates are just what you need to make your holiday wishes known. 🎄✨

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Left Right Christmas Game Instructions, Stories, & Free Printables

Looking for a fun Christmas game to play with your friends and family? Unwrap the festive fun this December with the Left Right Christmas Game! The exciting way to open presents is to play this popular gift exchange game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to this holiday activity, our blog will guide you through this beloved tradition that can make your Christmas celebrations even more memorable. We've even got two great printable LEFT RIGHT stories for you.

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Free Printable Secret Santa Forms

Looking for the perfect printable Secret Santa form for your holiday gift exchange? Our collection of Secret Santa questionnaires is your ticket to a stress-free and joy-filled festive celebration! Designed with love and a touch of holiday magic, these free Christmas printables cater to all your Secret Santa needs. 🎅🎁✨

free printable secret santa form

And if you're looking for even more ideas for your gift exchange, check out our collection of Secret Santa Questions, and let the detective work begin!

More Christmas Activities

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