Free Printable Secret Santa Forms

Last updated: November 23, 2023

Looking for the perfect Secret Santa form for your holiday gift exchange? You've landed in just the right spot! Our collection of free printable Secret Santa questionnaires is your ticket to a stress-free and joy-filled festive celebration! Designed with love and a touch of holiday magic, these festive templates cater to all your Secret Santa needs. 🎅🎁✨

free printable secret santa form

Secret Santa is a delightful holiday tradition that brings a bundle of excitement and mystery to gift-giving. Here's how it's played: each participant draws a name to become someone's Secret Santa, but shh, it's a surprise! 🤫 Once you have your assigned person, it's all about finding the perfect gift based on their likes, dislikes, and preferences. Our Secret Santa forms come in handy here, helping you gather all the essential info about your giftee's tastes and wishes.

On the day of the gift exchange, everyone gathers to open their gifts, often trying to guess who their Secret Santa might be. It's a fun, heartwarming way to celebrate the season, create lasting memories, and strengthen bonds within your group. So, get ready to spread some holiday cheer and surprise your friends or colleagues with thoughtful gifts that bring smiles all around! 🎁✨

The Secret Santa questionnaires on this page are filled with fun questions about personal favorites, "this or that" choices (like coffee or tea, sweet or salty 🍬☕), "yes or no" preferences, and even a special section to jot down exactly what you're hoping to unwrap. Plus, we've included a spot to mention any no-nos, like allergies, to make sure everyone stays safe and happy. 🌟🎄

Free Secret Santa Questionnaire Templates

Ready to kick off your holiday fun? Whether it's for a work gift exchange event or a friendly gathering, our Secret Santa templates are here to help. Just download, print, and share these forms to make your Secret Santa event the most memorable and well-organized one yet!

To print, click on the image or text link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Free Printable Secret Santa Form Template

🎁 Step into the festive spirit with our 'Candy Stripe Cheer' Secret Santa form! Framed with a classic red and green candy stripe border and featuring a charming Elf tip-toeing with a gift, this free printable survey is perfect for asking coworkers to fill out what they'd like for their Secret Santa gift.

Secret Santa Form Elf Preferences

Candy Stripe Cheer Secret Santa Form

Printable Secret Santa Form for Adults

🦌 Embrace the cozy charm of a Scandinavian winter with our 'Scandi Reindeer Magic' Secret Santa form. This delightful printable template, adorned with an elegant reindeer and stylized Christmas trees, is perfect for those who love a touch of whimsy in their holiday celebrations!

Secret Santa Form Scandi Reindeer

Scandi Reindeer Magic Secret Santa Form

"Santa Mail" Printable Gift Exchange Form

📮 Step back in time with our 'Santa's Airmail Classic' Secret Santa form, designed to evoke the nostalgic charm of an old-fashioned air mail letter. This unique printable questionnaire, featuring a vintage paper feel and the classic red, white, and blue postal border, brings a delightful retro touch to your gift exchange.

Secret Santa Form Official Mail Letter Preferences

Santa's Airmail Classic Secret Santa Questionnaire

Free Printable Secret Santa Sheet for Coworkers

🎄 Dive into the holiday cheer with our 'Festive Candy Stripes' Secret Santa form. This vibrant form stands out with its eye-catching blue, red, and white candy stripe border, bringing a lively and joyful twist to your gift exchange. It's a perfect blend of festive colors and cheer, designed to help you figure out likes and dislikes of your friends and coworkers in a jingle!

Secret Santa Form Red Blue Stripes

Festive Candy Stripe Secret Santa Exchange Form

Free Printable Secret Santa Form for Kids to Color

🖍️ Get ready for a fun-filled holiday adventure with our 'Santa's Sleigh Adventure' Secret Santa form, specially designed for children. There are 10 questions for kids to fill out, and a super cute picture of Santa in his sleigh pulled by two reindeer, just waiting to be brought to life with color!

Secret Santa Form for Kids to Color

Santa's Sleigh Adventure Secret Santa Form for Kids

Work Gift Exchange Printable Secret Santa Form

🎄 Embrace the playful spirit of the holidays with our 'Elf Mischief Merriment' printable Secret Santa template. This enchanting survey is bordered with colorful red, green, and white candy stripes, giving it a classic Christmas feel.

Secret Santa Form Elf This That

Elf Mischief Merriment Secret Santa Questionnaire

Free Printable Secret Santa Form for Coworkers

⛄ Step into a winter wonderland with our 'Snowman Wonderland' printable Secret Santa template. This charming printable sets the scene with a snowy landscape, complete with a super cute snowman that brings the magic of a winter's day right into your work gift exchange.

Secret Santa Form Snowman Snowing

Snowman Wonderland Printable Secret Santa Template

Candy Stripes Secret Santa Questionnaire

🍬 Capture the sweet essence of the holiday season with our 'Candy Cane Delight' Secret Santa form. This form's red and white candy stripes instantly evoke the classic charm of candy canes, making it a festive favorite! And soon you'll find out if your Secret Santa buddy loves candy canes, or whether peppermint bark is more to their liking...

Secret Santa Form Red White Stripes

Candy Cane Delight Secret Santa Form to Print

Work Gift Exchange Secret Santa Template

🎄 Step into the timeless spirit of the holidays with our 'Classic Christmas Charm' printable Secret Santa questionnaire. Encased in a festive red, white, and green border that echoes the traditional colors of the season, this form is a nod to the quintessential Christmas aesthetic.

Secret Santa Form Red Green Stripes

Classic Christmas Charm Secret Santa Survey

Discover More Secret Santa Questions!

If you're looking for even more creative ideas to ace your Secret Santa game, be sure to visit our Secret Santa Questions page. Packed with a diverse array of thought-provoking and fun questions, it's the perfect resource to spark unique gift ideas and add an extra layer of excitement to your Secret Santa exchange.

Free Printable Letter to Santa Templates

Ready to pen the ultimate letter to Santa this Christmas? You're definitely in for a treat! We're spreading yuletide joy like Santa spreads gifts with our bundle of festive free printable letters to Santa! Whether you're looking for a fill-in-the-blanks Santa letter template for the little ones or a beautifully designed "Dear Santa" letterhead to compose your own message, there are lots of festive Santa letter freebies below! 🎅📜

free printable letter to santa montage

Left Right Christmas Game Instructions, Stories, & Free Printables

Looking for a fun holiday game to play with friends and family? Unwrap the festive fun this December with the Left Right Christmas Game! The exciting way to open presents is to play this popular gift exchange game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to this holiday activity, our blog will guide you through this beloved tradition that can make your Christmas celebrations even more memorable. We've even got two great printable LEFT RIGHT stories for you.

left right christmas game montage image

More Christmas Printables

🎁 On the hunt for more festive cheer? Keep scrolling down to find links to our wonderful array of free Christmas printables, including cards, gift tags, word puzzles, coloring pages, and so much more. Dive in and enjoy! 🎨✨

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Elf Goodbye Letter
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Twas the Night Before Christmas Activity Sheets

Plus, check out our enormous collection of Christmas coloring pages:

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