75 Best Skeleton Jokes and Puns for Kids

Last Updated: September 14, 2023

Are you searching for the best skeleton puns and jokes for kids? On this page, you'll find a comprehensive list of hilarious skeleton jokes guaranteed to tickle everybody's funny bone! These one-liners are perfect year-round but especially hit the mark on Halloween. From spooky skeleton quips to bone puns, we have a collection that will have the whole family laughing out loud.

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Whether you need skeleton jokes for Halloween, a school project, or just for fun, we've got you covered with rib-tickling humor! Scroll down the page to read the full collection of kid-friendly skeleton jokes, or use these links to jump to a particular section. Why not "treat" your neighbors to a bone joke when trick-or-treating at Halloween? They're sure to have a giggle. And if anyone doesn't find these funny, well, we'll have a bone to pick with them.

So get ready to snigger as you read these 75 skeleton jokes and puns for kids!

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skeleton puns why didn't the skeleton want to go to the dance it had nobody to go with

Best Skeleton Puns For Kids

We're feeling punny! See our collection of classic skeleton puns for you to impress your family and friends.

Did you hear about the movie that's about a broken arm?
It has an amazing cast.

What makes skeletons laugh?
Humerus jokes.

What does a skeleton order at a Vietnamese Restaurant?

What would the last skeleton on Earth be called?
The end-o skeleton.

What do you call a skeleton with a man-bun that drinks coffee?
A hip-ster.

What did the skeleton ask his girlfriend?
Will you marrow me?

Why didn't the skeleton go to the dance?
It had no body to go with.

Why didn't the skeleton go on the rollercoaster?
It didn't have the guts.

What do you call a lying skeleton?
A Fib-ula.

How do French skeletons say hi?

How do you know when a skeleton is sick?
It runs a high femur.

What do you call a skeleton who presses a doorbell?
A dead ringer.

What do skeletons fly in?
A skele-copter.

Which rock band do skeletons love?
Bon-e Jovi.

Why don't skeletons eat spicy curries?
They don't have the stomach for Indian food.

What type of movies do skeletons watch?

What type of art do skeletons create?

Why did the skeleton move to Hollywood?
It wanted tibia movie star.

Why do skeletons remain calm under pressure?
Nothing gets under their skin.

Why don't skeletons like snow?
It sends a chill up their spine.

skeleton puns why didn't the skeleton want to play sport his heart wasn't in it

Best Skeleton Jokes for Kids

Ready to unearth some "rib-splitting" laughs? Here you'll find all of our favorite kid-friendly skeleton jokes that are sure to give you a chuckle. We think that these are the best on the web!

Why didn't the skeleton want to play sport?
His heart wasn't in it.

What do you call a cold skeleton?
A numbskull.

What do skeletons eat at a BBQ?
Spare ribs.

What is a skeleton's favorite rock band?
The Grateful Dead.

How do you know when a skeleton is lying?
You can see right through them.

Why can't a skeleton play the piano?
They don't have any organs.

What is a skeleton's favorite type of pasta?
Elbow macaroni.

Why do skeletons hate chilly weather?
The cold goes right through them.

Where do skeletons buy makeup?
The Body Shop.

What type of candy do skeletons love to eat?

What do you call a skeleton who looks like someone you know?
A dead ringer.

Who would win a skeleton beauty pageant?

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Skeleton who?
Why do you ask, when there's no-body there?

What happened to the pirates when their ship sank?
They became a skeleton crew.

What does a rude skeleton say to a vampire?
You suck.

How do you get into a haunted house?
Turn the skeleton key.

What did the skeleton use to mow its garden?
A shoulder blade.

Why was the skeleton lonely?
He had no body.

Where does a skeleton's pet parrot live?
In a rib cage.

Why did the skeleton fail its math test?
It was thick-skulled.

skeleton puns why was the skeleton wanted by the fbi it was bad to the bone

Bone Puns for Kids

Seeking some "humerus" entertainment? Enjoy our collection of bone-themed puns for you to tell your parents, siblings, friends, or even your orthopedic surgeon!

What hobby do skeletons with a green thumb enjoy?
Manicuring bone-sai trees.

What do skeleton chefs cook when boiling a funny bone?
A laughing stock.

Which unit of measurement is used to weigh bones?

What is the sassiest of all 206 bones of a skeleton?
A cheek bone.

What's a skeleton's favorite crime TV show?

How do skeletons know it is going to rain?
They can feel it in their bones.

What is a skeleton's coolest bone?
The hip.

What type of steak do they serve at a golf club?
A tee bone.

What is a skeleton's favorite western to watch?

How do you make a skeleton laugh out loud?
Tickle its funny bone.

Who's the most famous French military skeleton?
Napoleon bone-apart.

What do healthy skeletons drink?

What has 5,356 bones and catches flies?
A skeleton baseball team.

How do skeletons call other skeletons?
They use a tele-bone.

What do you call a skeleton detective?
Sherlock Bones.

When does a skeleton lawyer work for free?
On Pro Bone-O cases.

Did you hear about the skeleton who was caught in the rain?
She got soaked to the bone.

What's a skeleton's favorite musical instrument?
The trom-bone.

What do you call a skeleton who likes to sleep in?
Lazy bones.

Why do skeletons drink lots of milk?
It's good for your bones.

What's a skeleton's favorite song?
Bone to be Wild.

Why was the skeleton wanted by the FBI?
It was bad to the bone.

What did the mom skeleton say to her naughty child?
I've got a bone to pick with you.

What band do skeletons like to dance to?

What do skeletons do on camp?
Sing around the bone-fire.

What do you call a silly skeleton?

What alternative band do cool skeletons listen to?
Bon-e Iver.

What do skeletons say when they go on holiday?

What kind of plate do skeletons eat from?
Bone China.

Which candy can you find on a skeleton's Christmas tree?

What happened to the skeleton who was lost in the desert?
It was bone dry.

What instrument do jazzy skeletons play?
A sax-a-bone.

What do aging skeletons grumble about?
Aching bones.

What do skeleton chefs say before a meal?
Bone appetite.

Why will skeletons laugh at all of our jokes?
They all have a funny bone!

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