Pumpkin Template Printable Outlines & Patterns for Crafts

Last updated: October 23, 2023

Looking for free pumpkin template printables for your fall and Halloween craft projects? Here you'll find a huge variety of pumpkin shapes to cut out, including classic round pumpkins to butternut squash designs.

pumpkin template printable

These pumpkin and squash outlines are great for kids Thanksgiving and harvest crafts, fall-themed crafts, and spooky Halloween creations! You can print them out to use in your window displays, craft projects, applique templates, and more!

Here are more fun ideas for how you can use our free printable pumpkin templates:

  • Use them as pumpkin coloring pages (and then, when you want more, check out our whole collection of pumpkin coloring pages).
  • Let kids unleash their creativity and draw Halloween Jack-o'-lantern faces on the blank pumpkins.
  • Print out the colored pumpkin templates and use them to decorate your home
  • Glue overlapping pieces of colored tissue paper onto the blank pumpkin outline to create colorful collages for your harvest decorations.
  • See who can make the silliest pumpkin face with googly eyes and marker pens!
  • Play "pin the face on the Jack-o'-lantern": Print out and cut out the large colored pumpkin template and make eyes, nose, and mouth from a separate piece of black paper. Then blindfold each child in turn and give them a chance to try pinning the features onto the pumpkin!
  • Create pumpkin carving stencils. Print out the plain blank pumpkin outline, then draw your carving stencil onto it. That way you can plan out and design your carving pattern before you start carving the actual pumpkin.

Our printable pumpkin templates are high-resolution letter-sized PDFs. There are ten pumpkin styles, in large, medium, small, and extra-small sizes, plus assorted pumpkin shapes too! To download, click on the image, or text-link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Looking for free pumpkin carving stencils and design ideas to create the best Jack O'lanterns on your block? Click here for our fabulous collection of free pumpkin templates and carving stencils.

pumpkin carving stencils

Assorted Printable Pumpkin Outlines

In this section you'll find pumpkin template printables with eight different pumpkin shapes. Keep scrolling down the page to find individual pumpkin templates in a range of shapes and sizes, including with a leaf or piece of vine.

Outline 1 - Simple Pumpkin Printable

This is your instantly-recognizable classic shape pumpkin template. Choose from simple line art, a blank printable outline, or colored pumpkin, in sizes ranging from large to extra-small.

Outline 2 - Round Pumpkin Shape

A classic circular-shaped pumpkin template printable perfect for drawing spooky faces onto at Halloween, or using in other fall-themed craft projects!

Outline 3 - Classic Pumpkin Shape

This classic pumpkin template is wider at the top than the bottom, a bit like an upside-down triangle or a love heart.

Outline 4 - Butternut Squash Pumpkin Template Printable

This butternut squash template is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. If you draw a Jack-o'-lantern face on it you'll see it has a lot of personality!

Outline 5 - Squash Pumpkin Template Printable

A classic squash-shaped pumpkin template perfect for Harvest and Thanksgiving crafts.

Outline 6 - Pumpkin Template Printable

This pumpkin template is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, like a rounded triangle.

Outline 7 - Wide-based Pumpkin Shape

This pumpkin template printable has a very wide base, and is great for Thanksgiving and Harvest craft projects.

Outline 8 - Pumpkin Shape to Print

This pumpkin shape is as wide as it is tall, and looks great decorated as a Jack-O'lantern for Halloween. Or use these pumpkin template printables to make your own pumpkin bunting by attaching them to a string or ribbon!

Outline 9 - Round Pumpkin with Leaf

This pumpkin outline is of a round pumpkin with a leaf attached, just as if you've picked it straight from the pumpkin patch!

Outline 10 - Tall Pumpkin Squash with Curly Vine

This pumpkin template printable has a curly vine still attached just as if you'd picked the squash straight from your garden!

Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Halloween

Looking for pumpkin carving stencils to help you carve your spookiest pumpkin yet? Here you'll find lots of ideas for how to carve your Halloween pumpkin, with free printable stencils to suit beginners to advanced carvers. From spooky jack-o'-lantern faces to friendly pumpkin faces for little kids, we hope you find a free jack-o'-lantern pattern that you like!

pumpkin carving stencils

Free Printable Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Looking for more pumpkin printables? Our free printable pumpkin coloring pages are fabulous for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Fall-themed activities! On this page you'll find a huge range of pumpkin images, from simple pumpkin outlines to spooky carved pumpkins, and more intricately-patterned designs for big kids and adults to color in too!

And while you're in the mood for all things pumpkin & spooky, check out our massive collection of the best Halloween & pumpkin jokes, skeleton jokes, and our spider puns.

pumpkin coloring pages

Build-Your-Own Turkey Templates

Take a look at our printable turkey templates, for a super easy last-minute Thanksgiving craft idea!

turkey template

Printable Bat Templates & Outlines

Free printable bat templates to help you create Halloween crafts in minutes! On this page you'll find a great range of bat shapes and sizes for all your spooky creations! With blank outlines and black bat shapes to choose from, plus super cute vampire bat templates to color in too, we hope you find the perfect printable!

bat template

Free Printable Apple Templates

Fall is all about chunky sweaters, cozy vibes, and yes, apples! Fall is also the perfect time of year to dust off those craft supplies, and what better way to start than with some apple-themed creations! These free printable apple templates will help get you started!

apple template

Free Leaf Templates for Crafts

Perfect for all your autumn crafts, you'll find lots of free printable leaf templates here.

leaf template

Autumn & Fall Coloring Pages

Take a look at our collection of Fall coloring pages to keep your kids entertained inside during the cooler autumn months! On this page you'll find a huge range of coloring sheets, from falling autumn leaves to cute woodland animals, back-to-school pictures, and more intricately-patterned designs for big kids and adults to color in too!

autumn and fall coloring pages

More Free Templates

Looking for more templates? Take a look at our star templates and our free applique patterns for a huge number of free templates to download, from letters and number outlines to cute animals and shapes.

Free Fall Word Searches for Kids

Looking for a fun fall activity for your children when it's just too cold to venture outdoors. Take a look at our fun word search pages!


This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.


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