Free Printable Blank Map of Europe

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I love maps! I love them so much. My house and my office are covered in maps. I also love Europe. I travel there almost every summer - for work and for fun. Naturally, I love maps of Europe. And so, I am super excited about these blank map of Europe PDFs. I actually use some of these maps in my history classes. They make the perfect study materieals for students, for teachers, and for parents. Not to mention, they can be fun coloring pages for kids, too!

Free Printable Blank Europe Map

These blank maps of Europe are perfect for homeschool lessons about history or geography, for preparing for tests, and even for decorating. They would be perfect to color in as you watch the Olympics (Summer 2024 is in Paris - can you find it on the map?) or the World Cup. My kids love to draw the flags of different countries and you could do that on each country on this map.

Blank Map of Europe Printable to Download

Choose from one of the blank maps of Europe below. There is a simple blank European map and a map with lines to write out the names of the countries (don’t worry, we’re also including an answer key for parents and teachers).

Scroll down the page to find all of our blank Europe maps. Click on the image or text underneath the image to download your letter-size printable PDF.

Simple Blank European Map

Europe has such a rich history, but do you know every country in Europe? Can you spell them all? Even Luxembourg? OK, that was a freebie.

Test yourself with this blank Europe map. See if you can fill in all the names of the countries. This outline map is a great way to learn all of the countries in Europe.

Blank Europe Map Simple Outlines

Blank Map of Europe to Download

Blank Map of Europe with the Ocean

Europe is great, but so is the Ocean. It covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, so we added it here. This map is an amazing reminder of how much water surrounds Europe. It is perfect for seeing how various countries are connected and separated by the many bodies of water around Europe. Can you find the Mediterranean Sea? How about the Black Sea? What about the Gulf of Finland? Use this map to practice.

Blank Europe Map Simple Outlines Blue Ocean

Blank Map of Europe with the Ocean

Printable Map of Europe Quiz with Lines to Name Each Country

Use this printable map to write down the names of all of the countries in Europe. Can you do it? There are more than you probably thought. From Albania to the United Kingdom, see if you can find all 44!

Blank Europe Map Simple Outlines Name Each Country

Map of Europe Quiz for Studying

OK, time to see how you did. Here is the printable answer key for parents and teachers to use.

Blank Europe Map Simple Outlines Name Each Country Answer Key

Map of Europe Quiz Answers with Labeled European Countries

Maps on this page have been created with resources provided by These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

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    This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.


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