Free Printable Blank Map of Asia

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You might know all fifty states, but how does your geography knowledge fair in Asia? This massive continent stretches all the way from the Middle East to Japan. And there’s a whole lot in between on that huge land mass. How many countries do you think you can get right on a blank map of Asia? Download our free printable blank map of Asia and find out!

Free Printable Map of Asia

A blank map of Asia can be a great study tool, whether your student is homeschooled or simply taking a break for summer vacation. Maybe you’re even a teacher looking for activities. Or perhaps this blank map of Asia is for you. Whatever you need it for, you can download one of these printable maps of Asia and use them however you like!

Blank Asia Map Printable to Download

These blank Asia map printables display the outlines of the many countries spanning the continent. Some include an answer key for teachers or parents to use. All you have to do is download the blank map of Asia that suits your needs and print it out.

Choose from a blank map of Asia PDF that shows the outlines of various countries, or a blank map of Asia quiz with spaces to jot down answers. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Blank Maps of Asia

These blank maps will put your geography knowledge to the test. Challenge yourself or a child or student to fill in as many of the blanks as you can.

Blank Asia Map Simple Outlines

Blank Asia Map to Download with Simple Outlines

Blank Asia Map Simple Outlines Highlighted Countries

Blank Map with Asian Countries Outlines

Printable Asia Map Quiz

The maps above are great for practice, but this one is the real deal. Save it for when you want to test a student’s ability to learn all the countries in Asia. You’ll also find an answer key below.

Blank Asia Map Simple Outlines Name Countries Worksheet

Printable Asia Map Quiz to Fill In

Printable Asia Map Labeled Asian Countries

No cheating! Here’s a handy answer key for the blank Asia map quiz above. Keep this one on hand for later.

Blank Asia Map Simple Outlines Name Countries Worksheet Answers

Printable Map of Asia with Labeled Asian Countries

More Blank Maps and Geography Printables

Grab any of our blank map downloads for when you or a student are studying. They’re great for homeschooling, tutoring, studying, or simply coloring. Here are a few more to grab:

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  • Blank Map of Africa
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    This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.


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