Free Printable Blank World Map

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Are you a teacher, a parent, a student or even all of the above, like me? When I was an elementary school teacher, these blank printable World Maps were an amazing resource. Teaching about animals? Plants? Travel? World Landmarks? The possibilities are endless with these free blank printable world maps!

Free Printable Blank World Map

Just download the map, then use it blank or put it into editing software to add any icons that you need. My son loves animals, and he's always asking where all of the different animals that we see at the zoo actually live. I printed out this map, taped it to his easel, and gave him stickers to label animals across the world. These free PDFs make it easy for you to bring the map of the world into your home or classroom!

Blank World Map Printable to Download

Choose among our blank world maps, including simple printable outlines of each continent or those featuring the world's great blue oceans. Do you want to show Antarctica and the curved edges of the globe? Check out the free printable "Our World" map or the "One World" map featuring blue water. Finally, The "Map of the World" displays both a green earth and blue oceans, making it perfect for hanging up in the classroom!

Scroll down to see all of our printable maps of the world. Click on the image or text underneath the image to download your letter-size printable PDF.

Blank World Map

United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama… My son loves this song just like I did growing up. Can you remember all of the names of the countries in the world? Use this printable world map to practice your world map countries. Maybe try marking all of the countries you have been to or would like to travel to someday!

Blank World Map Rectangular Project Outlines Only

Blank World Map to Download

Printable World Map - Blue Oceans

Do you know the names of all of the oceans? Use the Ocean Planet blank world map to see the outlines of all of the countries of the world and to highlight the blue oceans of planet Earth! Are you teaching your homeschoolers about exploration and traveling the world by boat? This printable map is a great resource for sailing the seven seas!

Blank World Map Rectangular Projection Outlines Blue Ocean

Blank World Map with Oceans

Blank Curved Edge World Map

Do you want a blank map that shows how our earth is round? Check out the free printable Our World Map featuring the curved edges of the world and the continent of Antarctica! This blank PDF map is a great addition to your classroom.

Blank World Map Oval Projection Outlines Only

Blank World Map Outlines to Download

Printable Curved Edge World Map - Blue Oceans

Looking for a printable world map? The One World blank map of the world highlights the blue oceans of the earth with curved edges. Use this map to help you learn the location of all of the continents and world map countries in your homeschool geography lessons.

Blank World Map Oval Projection Outlines Blue Ocean

Blank World Map Outlines With Oceans

Blank World Map - Green Earth and Blue Oceans

This beautiful, colorful, blank Map of the World map is perfect for printing out as a poster to pin to your classroom bulletin board! Use it to show students the difference between the land and the sea on planet Earth. It is a great reference for students to look at while coloring in and filling out their own blank version of a world map. Download and print out the free PDF!

Blank World Map Oval Projection Shaded Outlines

Color Blank World Map to Download

Maps on this page have been created with resources provided by These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

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