Free Printable Blank Map of Africa

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Can you identify the Congo River on a blank map of Africa, from its connection to Atlantic to its basin in central Africa? What about the red Nile? The Sahara - the world's largest desert? Or those fascinating savannahs where some of the world's largest animals dwell?

Learn all about Africa with our free printable blank map outlines, including a fill-in worksheet for identifying the African countries!

Free Printable Map of Africa

Africa is a vast continent. In fact, it's the world's second-largest and most populous continent (second only to Asia!). It's home to over fifty countries and island nations, as well as the most different languages on Earth. Africa's unique geography covers 6 percent of the Earth's surface. It may be the hottest continent, but it still isn't the driest (that would be Australia).

The African continent spans from the river deltas of North Africa, through the Sahara, (which is the world's hottest desert and larger than the United States), past the tropical Congo Basin, over the broad plains and savannahs, and all the way down to the stormy Cape of Good Hope.

I learned early on that there's no better way to learn something than to study it without distractions. That's why I can swear by simple blank map outlines and printouts such as this map of the African countries. They help us to learn and study the geography of the world away from the Internet. This means that when we learn something, we really know it!

Blank Map of Africa Printable to Download

These blank Africa outlines and maps are great for teachers and parents from homeschool geography lessons and tutoring, to studying for exams, or even as a free educational coloring activity for kids. Simply download and print for any when you need a blank map of Africa. We hope you find them helpful!

Choose from a blank African map PDF, either showing the outlines of the African countries, or our blank map of Africa quiz and worksheet with its printable answer sheet. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Blank Map of Africa

This blank map offers a clear outline of Africa. It's great for coloring in the countries or learning Africa's geography and land features.

Blank Africa Map Continent Country Outlines

Printable Blank Map of Africa Outline

Printable African Map Quiz

Ready to take the quiz on this map of African countries? Test yourself or teach your kids with this printout Blank Africa map worksheet. Don't worry if you're already lost. We have an answer key below!

Blank Africa Map Country Names Worksheet

Blank African Map Quiz and Worksheet

Printable Africa Map Labeled African Countries

Ready to learn the names of the countries of Africa? This map will help you out. It's labeled, but the labels are easy to cover and on the side, which makes it perfect for studying and testing yourself. Not to mention, it works as an answer sheet to the above worksheet for when you're holding a homeschooling geography lesson.

Blank Africa Map Country Names Worksheet Answer Key

Labeled African Map Free Download for Studying

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    This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.


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