Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts
& Holiday Gag Gifts

Make some homemade Christmas gag gifts, and do your part to stop the insidious trend of people taking Christmas far too seriously!

Every Christmas I see people stressed out, worrying about money, shopping until they're at the point of exhaustion, arguing with their relatives, and generally taking it all far too seriously. Talk about ironic!

For me, Christmas is about good times and laughter with your friends and family. So I've collected together some homemade Christmas gag gift ideas to bring some laughter and get you all in the mood for Christmas cheer!

The most extensive list of homemade gag gifts you're likely to find anywhere is on my Homemade Gag Gifts Page . Have a browse through the ideas there, if you haven't already. While they aren't Christmas-specific, they do work well as holiday gag gifts.

If you're looking specifically for homemade Christmas gag gifts, then keep reading below.

Christmas Newspaper Gag

Use our free online newspaper generator to create a silly newspaper article about how your dad or grandad is Santa's closest living relative. This is a homemade Christmas gag gift like they will never have seen before :-)

Click here to personalize and print your funny newspaper article

newspaper generator gag gift Your dad... Santa's closest relative

Personalized Likes Poster

Make a personalized poster gift that celebrates all the quirky things they like. For instance, my dad *needs* to hold the remote when he's in front of the TV. Making your poster is easy, using our poster-maker. Just customize and print at home.

Click here to personalize and print your poster

Short on Dough?

Wrap up some cookie dough nicely and attach a little not saying "I thought this might come in handy, since everyone's a little short on dough around Christmas time".

Dear Santa, I can explain...

I saw this one in a joke store, but it's easy to make yourself. For someone who's been naughty, to help them stay in Santa's good books. Get a Christmas tree decoration (a star or bauble), and put a sign on it saying "Dear Santa, I can explain...".

Christmas Poops

Not as disgusting as it sounds, I promise! The perfect homemade Christmas gag gift for kids, and those adults who haven't yet grown out of toilet humour (i.e. most people). You can make up a whole platter of all different sorts of Christmas poop. Don't feel that you have to stick rigidly to the types of candy I've suggested - just use whatever you've got handy.

You can download these printable labels below, and can use to make your own Christmas gag gifts. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

homemade christmas gag gifts
Download Christmas Poop Labels

Reindeer Poop

Chocolate Coated Apricots, or other large, choc-coated candies.

We were awakened when we heard Santa call,
"Dash away, Dash away, Dash away all."
But soon we discovered, out on our lawn,
Santa and his reindeer were all gone.
With our little shovel we started to scoop,
All of the droppings ... "YUCK", reindeer poop!
But then we so generously filled up your sack.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your snack!!!
~ Anon.

Christmas Elf Poop

Red and Green M&Ms. Here's the "traditional" elf poop saying. It didn't rhyme very well, so I modified it a bit.

The elves were so sick they couldn't make toys
And Santa had to fill all those stockings
He looked for other ways the elves could bring joy
So here are your Elfin Droppings
~ Anon.

And here's a limerick that we came up with. It's pretty dreadful, but at least it's completely original! When you read it, the emphasis should be on the bold words.

This year Santa's elves got quite sick,
And couldn't make toys quite so quick
So what could I do
To find gifts for you ?
I hope these elf poops do the trick! .

"Fun Fairy", one of our readers, sent in this hybrid poem they came up with:

This year Santa's elves got quite sick,
And couldn't make toys quite so quick
Santa looked for ways to fill your stockings...
So here are your Elfin Droppings!

Snowman Poop

Marshmallows, or some sort of mints.

You've been naughty
So here's the scoop
Your Christmas present
Is Snowman poop!
~ Anon.

Grinch Poop

Green jellybeans.

The Grinch has been here!
He left just one clue...
This little green pile,
Of Grinchy "Pooh".

But why did he do it?
Did he want to get caught?
As the Grinch would say,
"I most certainly did not!"

But Santa and the reindeer
(with nose set on dim),
Landed on the roof,
And scared IT out of him!

He left in a hurry -
Homeward bound,
Leaving little green piles
All over the ground.
~ Anon.

Christmas Mouse Poop

Chocolate sprinkes, or small sweets.

On Christmas Eve when I was snug in my bed,
Guess what some little "creatures" were doing instead?
Little mice were making their stops
And, of course, they left their teeny-tiny "plops".
On Christmas Morn I did awake,
Oh me, oh my, oh goodness sake!
Those adorable rodents had left such sweet gifts,
So I gathered and packaged them up in a jiff.
And, now, this Christmas I present to you
This little bag of mice "doo-doo"!
~ Anon.

Santa Poop

Baby Ruth bar (or other chocolate bar).

This homemade Christmas gag gift poem is exclusive to homemade-gifts-made-easy.com ... because we wrote it. Okay, so it's not a great work of literature, but remember that you saw it here first folks! :-)

Santa made his list this year
The results were really very clear
He checked it once, he checked it twice
He saw that you've been not so nice!

So when he came to fill your stocking,
He did something rather shocking...

"What could be so bad?" you say,
"Could it really spoil my day?"
Well here's what I saw Santa do
(I'm sure he did it just for you)

I saw him squat,
just near this spot..

And with a grunt, and with a whoop,
He left you with fresh Santa poop!

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