9 Best Grandma Gifts

9 of the Best Grandma Gifts to help you show Grandma how much you and your family love and appreciate her.

Grandma, Granny, Gran, Grammy, Nanna, Nan, Nannie, Nana, Mammaw, Mimi, Memaw...?

Whatever her chosen name, Grandmothers hold a special place in our family structure and our children's hearts. Whether you live close or far, it's lovely to celebrate her with a gift at Christmas or on Mother's day which honors her special role as Grandmother.

On this page you'll find a selection of 10 Grandma gifts that we love and we think your Grandma will too.

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1. "We love Grandma because..." Poster

Ask your children what they love about their Grandma and turn it into a subway art poster just for her. It's super sweet to capture what your children love about Grandma... and it might not be what you think!

You can copy/paste this text into the subway poster maker if you want to use it as a starting point.

Why we love
She is nice to me
She reads us stories
She smells nice
I love her sparkly jewelry
She tells us funny stories
about Mommy!
She takes us to the park
I love her hugs
She makes me feel special
Her chocolate chip cookies
are amazing
She shows us interesting things
She is the best Grandma ever!
Love Max and Lola

Easy to design, print, and frame at home, it's a homemade gift that looks shop-bought!

personalized likes poster for women

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2. Grandma Gifts: Symbolic Necklace

Choose a necklace which will remind Grandma of her grandchildren every day and keep them close to her heart.

From family trees with birth stones representing each grandchild, or interlinked pendants representing the bonds of family, there are many beautiful jewelry pieces that really capture the relationship of grandmother and grandchild.

grandma gifts jewelry

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3. Personalized Grandma Prints on Amazon

There are some beautiful prints you can personalize for Grandma to remind her of her family, whether near or far.

From prints which include all the grandchildren's birthdays, to map prints symbolising your love for your grandmother despite the distance between you, there is sure to be a print that suits your situation.

grandma gifts prints

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4. Grandma Gifts: Willow Tree Grandmother Ornaments

These beautiful ornaments really capture the essence of a grandmother's relationship with her grandchild or grandchildren.

They are an especially lovely gift for a new grandmother, or for a grandmother of a granddaughter, where you can celebrate the Grandmother-Daughter-Granddaughter relationship.

grandma gifts family tree

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5. Gifts for Grandma: Cutting Board

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then this Grandma gift celebrates this special place with a personalized cutting board.

With beautiful sentiments like:

"Meal's and memories made fresh daily"


"Everything is better in Grandma's kitchen"

a cutting board is a lovely gift for a Grandma who pride's herself in the warmth and welcome of her kitchen.

grandma gifts cutting board

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6. Grandma Shirts

Is your Grandma a super-proud granny who loves to wear her heart on her sleeve? Then a Grandma shirt might be just the thing for her!

grandma gifts prints

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7. Family Tree Photo Frames

Spend some time collating photos of the grandchildren and make Grandma a beautiful photo family tree gift.

This would be a lovely display in any grandmother's home, and she can proudly show off her extended family to her visitors. You can find some amazing family tree photo frames, from "tree"-shaped, to entire photo-wall frame kits, so it's a versatile idea whether you have a little or a lot of space.

grandma gifts family tree

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8. Grandma Gifts: Video Tribute to Grandma

Is your family spread far and wide? Collate video messages from all the grandchildren to give to Grandma so she knows how much everyone loves her, even if you don't see her very often.

50th birthday ideas tribute

A tribute gift takes advance planning, but there are many online tribute services that will compile everyone's submission into an edited video that you can give to Grandma, so you don't have to be super tech-savvy!

9. Personalized Grandma Gifts: Definition Poster

Make a personalized definition poster that celebrates all the brilliant things about Grandma! It's easy, with our online poster-generator!

Silly or sweet, you can personalize the poster text with a message that you know she's going to love. Ask the children what they love about Grandma and include their ideas too!

mom definition personalized poster

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More Grandma Gifts & Ideas

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