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Welcome to Homemade Gifts Made Easy, your resource for free homemade gift ideas! On our site you'll find hundreds of gift-making projects, all with easy step by step instructions and photos.

You can create wonderful homemade gifts, with the right instructions and a little bit of patience. Even if you've never picked up a glue stick in your life, you're very welcome here and you can jump right in and start making things.

Our mission with this site is to provide you with the best collection of cheap or free homemade gift ideas so that you can make special and beautiful gifts for the people you love. Whether you want to make a gift for your boyfriend, wife, mother, or your best friend's new baby, we hope you'll find something on this site that's just right.

We have photos & video instructions for making everything from bath bombs to friendship bracelets, from diaper wreaths to Christmas decorations, and much else in between. Many of our easy homemade gift ideas include free templates & labels for you to download.

For those last minute occasions, we even have a range of printable gifts that you can make in no time...

You can browse more printable gift ideas in our shop.

We think there's something very special about giving a gift that you've made with your own hands. It shows a level of love and consideration beyond just picking something off the shelf, and it's lots of fun too!

We hope you enjoy the projects on our site and enjoy making gifts for your friends and family. Thanks for visiting Homemade Gifts Made Easy!

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