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Hello and welcome to Homemade Gifts Made Easy! On this site you'll find lots of fun, easy tutorials to help you make beautiful gifts for your friends and family!

We believe that anyone can create wonderful homemade gifts, with the right instructions and a little bit of patience! Even if you've never picked up a glue stick in your life, you're very welcome here! So don't be shy, jump right in and let's start making!

Free Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages

It's MerMay! The month-long celebration among creatives and artists for drawing, coloring, and writing about all things mermaid. Every year, talented artists draw on all versions of mermaids in myth and folklore, from the mystical to the downright horrifying (in the prettiest ways).

Whether you're using these graceful, finned creatures for inspiration as you create with the MerMay prompts, or you've simply seen seeing beautiful mermaids online and want to color a few of your own, we have many mermaid coloring pages to get you started. From easy-to-color mermaid scenes for little ones to intricate pictures featuring mermaids with shimmering scales and majestic seahorses for older children and adults to color in! 🧜‍♀️✨

free printable mermaid coloring pages

Animal Coloring Pages for Kids

Nothing says "school's out" quite like traveling to exotic places and getting to see cute and ferocious animals. But what if you're not ready to go on that safari yet? How about a safari at home? Our delightful collection of free animal coloring pages is bursting with a variety of animals to bring to life. They're perfect for kids, (not to mention those of us who are kids at heart). Color a clucking chicken from the farmyard 🐔, a roaring lion from the wild 🦁, or your favorite furry pet 🐾, and more!

animal coloring pages

Free Summer Coloring Pages to Download

Ready to say, "Enough with this spring flowers stuff. Where's the sunshine?" I hear you. I just want to read a book on the beach and listen to the waves. But what if you're stuck at home?

Well, I have good news: there's nothing like coloring on a summer day to remember all the good times you've had in the sun, whether it's swimming and playing on the beach, or watching Independence Day fireworks light up the sky. Celebrate summer with cute summer coloring pages that'll take you right back to your favorite family vacations, yummy summer treats, summer holidays, sticky ice cream, picnics, barbecues, and more.

Summer Coloring Pages

Free Printable June 2024 Calendar

Check out our June calendar templates and embrace the warming sunshine of this sixth month of the year with purpose and clarity! June marks the beginning of Summer, and you're bound to have lots of outdoor events and vacations to add to your calendar. On this page, you'll find a stylish range of June calendars to help you organize and plan all of your summer commitments.

We've created ten NEW calendar designs for June! There's a calendar for everyone, so be sure to take a look.

june calendar

Free Printable To-Do List Template

Nothing keeps me motivated and on-task like a handy to-do list. But I don’t want to add making a to-do list to my, well, list. That’s why I love these printable to-do list templates. They take one thing off my list and help ensure I’m ready to tackle the rest of it!

weekly calendar

*Popular* 5 Pointed Origami Star

These 5 pointed origami stars are easy to fold and make beautiful decorations for your home. You can make them from magazines, scrapbook papers or sheet music, whatever you happen to have lying around.

5 pointed origami star front view

How to Make a Notebook

Learn how to make a notebook out of a blank notecard or recycled cardboard that you'll have lying around your house. This project is so quick to assemble and a great last minute homemade gift idea!

how to make a notebook

How to Make Felt Flowers

On this page I'll show you how you can make three simple felt flower designs in a matter of minutes. They make fabulous for last minute flower hair clips or pins for kids and adults, or can transform a plain hat or bag into something extra special!

making felt flowers three designs

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