Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

homemade boyfriend gift ideas

Looking for homemade boyfriend gift ideas to make your sweet-heart smile?

What better way to demonstrate your affection than by making your boyfriend a homemade gift. It conveys warmth and love, and will be cherished.

But it can be tricky to know what to make. And you might worry how he'll react to your homemade gift. Will he appreciate your efforts, or will he be unimpressed?

Men are much more sentimental than you imagine. They may project a tough exterior, but actually they're not so different from us.

I know of so many cases where boyfriends have been really touched by the homemade gifts their girlfriends have made for them. Seriously. They even show the gifts off to family and friends and are really proud of what their girlfriend has made them.

Except the love-letters and really romantic gifts, that is. Which are treasured in special places and peeked at often.

So don't hold back. Let your creative side loose, and show him how you feel about him and how special you think he is.

He will be touched by the thought and effort you have gone to.

If you already have a particular craft that you are good at (knitting, sewing, cooking, graphics software...) - use it! Think about his interests, and weave them into your project. Is he a gym-junkie? Embroider his gym towel with his initials. He loves hiking? Knit him a woolly hat. You get the idea.

Here are some homemade boyfriend gift ideas that *anyone* can make, sorted by category. Click on the links to learn more...

"Things we Love" Poster

Make a personalised poster of all the things you and your boyfriend love doing together!

Click here to personalize and print your poster

homemade boyfriend gift idea romantic coupons

Free Printable Love Coupons
Make your own love coupons for your special guy! I'll even show you how to make them into a sweet match-book style booklet that your honey can carry around in their wallet or pocket - a really cute homemade boyfriend gift idea!

homemade boyfriend gift idea date night fortune cookies

NEW: Date night fortune cookies
Give your boyfriend a take-out box full of origami "fortune cookies" - each month (or week) he gets to open a cookie and the fortune says what date you've got planned for him. Quality time is the best gift you can give, and this is a fun way to wrap it up :-)

homemade valentine gifts easy truffle recipes

Easy Truffle Recipe
Smooth, dark, creamy and delicious... and really easy to make. A perfect homemade Boyfriend gift idea and includes instructions for how to make your own gift box to present the truffles in too!

homemade boyfriend gift ideas photo calendar templateCreative Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Unique and creative homemade boyfriend gift ideas to make for your special guy. Includes free download & instructions to make a personalized photo calendar, plus delicious food gift ideas & funny homemade gift ideas.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas mapRomantic Ideas for Boyfriend

Looking for romantic ideas for your boyfriend? Here are 4 sweet ways to show him just how much you care.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas paracord braceletParacord Bracelet Instructions

Easy step by step tutorial for making a cool 2 color paracord bracelet (survival bracelet). These are very popular with outdoor-types, and are really practical as well as looking great. Make one in his favorite sports team colors!

vinyl record fruit bowl

Funky vinyl record fruit bowl
Make your guy a funky fruit bowl from an old LP record. Just don't use one of his favorite records, OK?

homemade boyfriend gift ideas paracord lanyardParacord Lanyard

Make him this neat lanyard and he'll think of you every time he reaches for his keys! I'm sure there's a pun I could make about holding the keys to his heart, or something like that, but I'll spare you the pain ;-)

I promise you'll be able to make this even if you've never touched a rope before. I've included step by step instructions for everything you need to know - even video tutorials for the lanyard knot and cobra stitch.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas hot water bottle cover
Hot water bottle cover:
This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make a hot water bottle cover out of an old wool scarf or blanket, and some scraps of fabric. And best of all, its an easy and inexpensive Christmas gift idea, perfect for those cold winter months!

homemade boyfriend gift ideas how to make a book

How to Make a Book or Journal:
Learn how to make a book and bind it, using the simple "Japanese book binding technique" where a single ribbon holds the entire book together. A journal or photo album made this way makes a really thoughtful homemade boyfriend gift idea.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas bulletin board
Make a bulletin board:
Make a bulletin board covered with funky fabric for your next homemade gift idea. They are super easy to make, inexpensive, and practical! All you need is fabric, thick cardboard, and glue.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas boyfriend quotesCute Boyfriend Quotes and Poems

Can't find the words to express your feelings? Find inspiration from this collection of cute boyfriend quotes and love poems for your boyfriend.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas origami heart love noteOrigami Heart Love Note

Fold an origami love note with a message on the outside of the heart and a hidden message on the inside.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas heart letter foldingHeart letter folding

Fold a love letter into a heart for your sweet-heart. My easy-to-follow video instructions will show you how. You can also fold a heart from money.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas kissing lips cardKissing Lips Popup Origami Card

Give your boyfriend a big *kiss* with this card. The 3D origami lips make a kissing motion as you open and close the card. You can add the lips to an existing card, or make a card from scratch. The folding is really easy - just follow my step by step video.

personalizable romantic cardDays of Happiness Card

Celebrate the number of days you and your boyfriend have been together with a card that says "You and me, ___ days of happiness and counting". Just use my handy little calculator and card generator to make your card.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Lead you boyfriend on a scavenger hunt through lots of fun activities on his birthday.

What Next?

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Happy Gifting!

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